How is the trend of the ceramic industry driven by cost


Bulk commodities mainly include edible and nonedible agricultural products, energy products and metal products, etc., which are widely used in various fields.Therefore, rising commodity prices will affect all aspects of industrial production and social life.The latest round of price hikes in the home appliance industry is a typical example.

For our light industrial industry ceramic cup/bowl/plate production, part of raw material in a nervous and great relationship with the source, strontium carbonate, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and other raw material prices by more than 30% are short time, manufacturers are hoarding for 1 to 2 months of raw materials, but there is no signs of easing, source of instability in the future, at least for 3 to 5 months, the price of raw materials is hard to fall down, enterprise originally under the condition of profit is not high, it is easy to appear at a loss.When the price of raw materials did not increase by more than 10%, most of our enterprises absorbed it by strengthening internal management and other aspects. However, when the cost of materials exceeded 10%, ceramic factories had to follow up the price adjustment according to the market.On the other hand, for the ceramic mug export carton packaging, the cost of driving the downstream paper prices, the market is still in the rising stage, the paper products are significantly higher and faster than the market expectations.Also be another reason that export ceramic market price rises now.

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