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Ceramics in China is not only Jingdezhen

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China is the major ceramic producer in the world.with its annual output and export volume ranking first in the world, daily-use ceramics accounting for 70% of the world. But in fact, according to different products, daily-use ceramics are widely distributed geographically in China. Let me first introduce Hunan and Guangxi, two ceramic production areas, and their corresponding products.
Liling City, Hunan Province. It mainly produces stoneware color glaze kits and single pieces. The most distinctive product is the direct use of environmentally friendly glaze as color decoration, which is created by embossing, spraying glaze, screen printing, hand-painting and other different decoration methods.

Beiliu City, Guangxi, mainly produces daily fine porcelain, high-end porcelain, including Chinese tableware, western tableware, tea set, coffee set, aviation porcelain set, hotel porcelain set and other series.